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It's funny how we can spend many years of our lives getting a degree in a specialization that we may (or may not) love, only to pursue other interests.  I have always loved fashion, but spent my years in education.  So here's to living my dream! 

Right now "Bags. Tags. Wear. Leather" has the potential to become a sophisticated and successful small business.  But in order to get there, I need your help.  Currently, I am working with an amazing non-profit manufacturer (Block-by-Block) who is helping me prototype and produce my products.  The amazing Meredith Lyon has been an integral part of making my dreams come true with her amazing technical skills with leather. 

This process has been possible due to the many talented individuals and companies that I have been working with over the last 6 months to develop my pieces.  We are so close to the manufacturing stage and I would love a little help making that process run smoother! 

Take time to explore the first in my line of Versatile Leather Accessories!

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