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Las Vegas Model Casting Calls 2016 Calendar Model Search Nevada

  • About: 
    2016 Las Vegas Magazine Calendar Model Search Model Casting Calls
    International Beauty Movement Magazine Model Casting Calls 2016
    Las Vegas Calendar Model Search Magazine Photo Shoot Model Casting Calls For Female Models in Nevada, California, and Arizona ages 18-35 for Ethnic Queen Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, and Salon Savvy Magazine For the 2017 Free Calendar Model Magazine Photo Shoot for all Issues of all of the above magazines taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2016 and will be published in For the 2017 New Year.
    We will be selecting 12 beautiful models from Nevada, California, and Arizona for each magazine to feature in the January 2017 Calendar Issues.
    This is the fashion industry print model opportunity of the year for all aspiring and professional models that are looking for a free legitimate modeling opportunity that could take your modeling dreams to a paying modeling career level.
    The International Beauty Movement is the sponsor of the Annual Philly Model Face Off, Los Angeles-Las Vegas Model Face Off, and the publishers of Ethnic Queen Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, Salon Savvy Magazine, and this is your opportunity to be a featured female model in one these internationally Known online magazines that are viewed by millions worldwide.
    This is an amazing modeling print opportunity for you to be a possible model in the upcoming December 2016 Las Vegas Free Calendar Model Magazine Photo Shoot.
    This could be the magazine photo shoot that takes your aspiring modeling career to the next level, possibly opening doors to great paying fashion and entertainment job opportunities in the future.
    Are you ready to take your aspiring modeling career to the next level as a print model?
    To apply for consideration as a model for the free calendar model magazine photo shoot in Las Vegas in December, YOU MUST BE AGES 18-35 ONLY, you will need to submit a professionally written bio letting us know your age, your  city, state, your height, weight, measurements, your email address, and phone number  and submit 5-10  clear full body high resolution photos.
    We are seeking Asian models, Indonesian models, Ethnic models, African models, Desi models, European models, Latina models, Indian models, Polynesian models, Russian models, African American models, White models, Italian models, Bi-racial models, erotic models, exotic models, vixen models, artistic nude models, fitness models, bikini models, inked models, nude models, and beautiful female aspiring models that reside in Nevada, California, and Arizona.
    Submit 5-10 recent full body photos that are no lode than 12 months of you posing and bio with complete contact information and measurements to: internationalbeautymovement@aol.com
    Please Feel Free To Visit Our Websites
    and Read Our Magazines At The Links Below:
    International Beauty Movement Web Site:
    Click the Link Below To Sponsor or Make a Donation: https://myevent.com/internationalbeautymovement
    Click Link Below To Become A Member of the International Beauty Movement:
    Please Click One Of the Links Below To Read Ethnic Queen Magazine: http://internationalbeaut.wix.com/internationalbeauty#!online-magazine

    2016 Project Couture Magazine Fall DC Fashion Week Edition Link:
    2016 D.C. Fashion Week Fall Show Highlights:
    2016 Ripping Runways Magazine Philly Model Face Edition Click Link Below:
    Please visit our casting call link to view all of our current casting calls for aspiring female models, fashion events, clothing designers, photography and video internships, makeup artists, and hair stylists worldwide at: http://rippingrunways.blogspot.com/
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Category/Categories: 
    Fashion designers
    Fashion tech
    Entertainment Talents
  • Submit to email: internationalbeautymovement@aol.com
  • Date: 11/21/2016

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