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2017 DC Model Face Off
By Tanai
This is your big opportunity to build an excellent magazine print photo portfolio, receive a free...
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $3,000
By Paul Palms
Real Models needed for big job
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $2,000
2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off
By Tanai
This is one of the biggest print modeling magazine opportunities of 2016 for all beautiful aspiri...
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $5,000
Silicon Valley Chinese Success Stories Film Making
By Ci Zhang
Film About Silicon Valley Chinese
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $500,000
Silicon Valley Chinese
By May May Miller
Interviews of top Silicon Valley Chinese from different realms of profession. Each one of them ha...
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $500,000
Looking to expand inventory, grow brand, and purchase silk screen equipment for in-house producti...
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $5,000
Beautiful handicraft products and fashion acces...
By Albert Kents
Beautiful handicraft products and fashion accessories to change lives. Be part of this Vision.
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $2,000
Eco-friendly fashion by Fuschia Couture
By Liliana A. Chavez Cardona
Bamboo fiber swim cover, kimono style, which can be worn at day and night.
  • $10FUNDED
  • Goal $4,500
The Believers Documentary
By Rebecca Cahua
A historical documentary of a story 40 years in the making, told by the greatest fans in the NBA,...
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $50,000
Taking the risk - tween drama series
By Daniel
Taking the risk is about how a princess and tomboy can clash
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $10,000
PS Polish
By pardis
A healthy nail polish, free of harmful chemicals, infused with grapefruit seed extract, formulate...
  • $15FUNDED
  • Goal $5,000
BTW Leather
By Lily
A new line of versatile leather accessories. For the minimalist who wants options or the person w...
  • $529FUNDED
  • Goal $1,000
Hemp Swimwear
By Paul
Hemp Bikinis & Beachwear features comfort, style, durability and protection from increasing solar...
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $20,000
Modeling for Paris Fashion Week Travel Expense
By Ann Shin
I have the honor to model for Paris Fashion Week this year, but need money for traveling.
  • $209FUNDED
  • Goal $1,800
First Collection
By Yan
I want to produce my first collection to participate to the Mercedes Benz startup contest .
  • $0FUNDED
  • Goal $25,000

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