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What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is the process of raising money online through contributions made by many different people who share the same passion for your project. Crowdfunding may also often involve a 'reward' in exchange for contributing.
What are the benefits of getting funded online?
Increased access to social networks
Repeated engagement with fans amplifies awareness
Feedback from early customers and followers
Access to insightful data
Retention of creative control
What is Starlivechat?
Starlivechat is your online reward based fundraising platform dedicated to fashion and entertainment talents. This is where you run an online campaign by creating a project. You share the campaign page link via social media with your network of friends, family and acquaintances, asking them to fund your campaign. We also host casting calls and fashions shows to bring the like-minded people together.
How much of the funds will I get?
Our platform is based on Some-or-more business model which means we will transfer any amount of funds raised by you as long as it's over $20, 5% goes towards Starlivechat to keep the engine running so that we can continue facilitating you. In case of international transfers, an additional fee may apply to the cost. The rest of the money comes into your account.
What are the fees incurred if I successfully rise?
- Payment processing fee from Stripe - 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction (Generally around 3.5%)
- Starlivechat fee - 5% of the total funds raised
- There will be a money transfer fee from our bank when we transfer the amount to your account(Variable). We work closely on a case by case to try to minimize fee as much as possible
- There may be additional charges from your bank if it is an international transaction
- We can’t be held responsible for additional fees and we work along with you to minimize the amount as much as possible
What are the terms for cancelling a transaction?
Starlivechat allows you a time gap of 48 hours to cancel a transaction that you have made to a project. We will deduct/debit the necessary transaction cost incurred for both making the transaction and cancelling the same before making the credit/refund to your account. If you want to cancel any transaction made, please write to us at project@starlivechat.com with the transaction ID as reference.
What’s the process?
- Sign up, log in, fill in the online form and submit the project for review
- We review, accept/reject, and push it live on the website
- You start sharing your campaign page link with your social network
- Your campaign starts getting funded
Is it complicated and time-consuming?
Nope. You can create a campaign in 10-15 minutes.
Is it costly?
Nope. Starting a campaign is free.
Isn’t it embarrassing to ask people for money?
Nope. Why should it be? You’re not just asking people to contribute. You’re asking them to be part of a bigger cause. You may even be offering a reward in return for their support. It’s all about the larger goal – to make the world a better place. There isn’t anything embarrassing about that!
Why would people give to my campaign?
There are so many people who have the same vision and want to support your idea, They are fashion lovers and want to be part of the industry but don’t know how. Starlivechat makes the process easier for everyone. You are welcome!
What do I need to create a campaign?
- Images: Colorful, impactful, creative
- Information: About yourself and the cause you are supporting
- Video (Optional but highly recommended): Even a 30-second video is cool
How do I make my campaign appealing?
- Pictures speak a thousand words, so use impactful ones. An image that draws an emotion from you will draw an emotion from your supporters as well
- If you enjoy creativity, you could make a colorful collage using several images
Information provided by you be true
- Keep it short and concise
- Be heartfelt and humorous if possible
- Use subheadings and bullet points
- Include a link to the project’s website
- Include your contact details (email/mobile number) so it’s easy for supporters to get in touch with you if they want more information
Video (Optional but highly recommended)
- It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. It could even be you talking about the cause
- If the project has a video on their website, you can use that
How do I start?
Start by filling the online form by clicking “Add Project”:
- Decide if you want to start a campaign around a theme that belongs to fashion, beauty or entertainment
- Create a project (All the projects listed have been checked for legitimacy by Starlivechat)
- Fill in the rest of the form and click on ‘Send to review’
Can I edit my campaign even after I submit it?
You can edit only rewards once it goes live. We recommend you to enter all the details before you submit the project for review. If you face any problems, contact project@starlivechat.com
Why don’t I see my campaign on the website after submitting?
Your campaign will not show on the website straight away. Once you submit it, our team does a thorough verification with the highest level of due diligence. When that is done, we push your campaign onto the website and notify you.
Payouts and Disbursement of funds
All payouts will be made only once the campaign ends. All documentation must be complete prior to payout. For any clarification please write to project@starlivechat.com
What benefits does Starlivechat offer?
We help you multiply your network and raise more funds using our marketing strategy. You can use our platform and services to create your page and reach a wider network. Get funded quickly, safely and easily.
I've lost my receipt. What should I do?
What is a user name/ID? Can I change it?
It’s the User ID assigned to your account. You can’t change your username because of internal tracking. It’s how we keep a record of your transactions, contact information and points collected.
I forgot my password. What do I do now?
Click on the ‘change password’ option and enter the email ID you used while registering.
What payment methods do you provide?
We have credit/debit card payment to help you transact securely online.
I want to make an online credit card/ debit card transaction. Is your site secure?
- For user registration or logins, we provide you the option of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with 128 bit encryption for the highest security
- We use SSL certificate issued by Go Daddy.
- We do not receive nor store your credit/debit card on our server. Stripe will handle all the transaction, so the information you enter is completely encrypted.
While making my payment through credit/debit card I got an error message. How will I know whether the transaction was successful?
To check the status of your payment, just click on ‘Me’ on the top right panel after you log in. Click on “Funded projects, you can see the status of the payment. If you think there is a discrepancy, Please allow for five working days before you check with us for an update on your payment status.
I made a credit card/ debit card payment, which has been debited from my account, but the status, says 'Pending'. Why is that?
Sometimes, when making credit card/debit card payments, the money reaches the payment gateway provider but does not reach our account. In these cases, the transaction goes into 'pending' mode. As we receive the funds from the gateway, we manually confirm receipt of the same and update the status of the transaction to you. This may take up to 72 hours. If you still face problem: Contact us at project@starlivechat.com
Why should I operate through Starlivechat instead of directly funding someone?
» Everyone listed with us is thoroughly verified with the highest level of due diligence
» We give you complete flexibility on choosing who and what you want to fund
» We ensure your funding reaches its intended receiver
» We ensure that you receive updates on how the funds are being used
What is the minimum amount for a fund?
Online: US $1
How long does it take for a payment to get approved?
After you donate online, it may take around 24-72 hours for your payment to be approved.
What happens if only a small portion of the funding goal is met?
Whatever funds you generate, they will be transferred to you after deducting the fees.
What is an online project?
An online project can be started by any member of Starlivechat to get funding. You get funded by reaching out to your network of people via Facebook, Twitter, email and other social media. A campaign can be started by clicking the ‘Add Project’ link on the homepage.
Where does the money donated to a project go?
The funds raised on a page go to the intended receiver.
    - Please refer the to the above question about fees incurred to a project for more details
Who can create a project and get funded?
Any member of Starlivechat can create a page. So make a profile and get started!
Who can fund a project?
Any member of Starlivechat can fund a project. So make a profile and get started!
Does registering on Starlivechat mean that we will receive funds?
Registering on Starlivechat does help you access and manage a much wider network. But we can’t foretell if these potential funders convert to actual funders. Those who want to fund you can do so using our online payment gateway. We do not, however, guarantee that you will receive funds.
Can I raise funds for myself?
Of course! You can.
Why there is a limit of $20 in disbursing funds?
It doesn’t make sense to release the funds if it is less than $20 since Stripe charges a percentage of both when receiving the funds and releasing the funds.
What are the project guidelines?                            
All projects must meet the guidelines to launch, so please read them carefully. Projects violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch:
  1. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced by it. A project is not open-ended.
  2. Projects must fit Starlivechat’s categories.
  3. Prohibited uses:
    1. Prohibited content such as profanity, violence, hate languages, discrimination and nudity
    2. Starlivechat reserves the right to reject any project.
What Starlivechat Doesn’t Do:
1. We don’t provide any advice.
2. We don’t do transactions involving debt and/or equity securities on our platform.
3. We don’t provide any paperwork between supporters and fundraisers.
4. We don’t ensure the completion of the project and issuance of the reward.
5. We don’t issue refunds if the project doesn't get completed or the reward is not issued. Transactions are between backers and creators directly. Creators receive all funds (less fees) soon after their campaign ends.
Should you have any more questions, please contact us at project@starlivechat.com

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