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To use our referral program:

1. A person can either register on our website and make a minimum contribution of $1 to any project or can directly start from step 2.
        - On the first contribution, automatically that member is recognized as an advocate and will get his own personalized advocate link through E-mail.
        - He will create his personal account by clicking the link sent to him. He can track his rewards through this account.
                - The link looks something like this: http://gazillionfund.referralcandy.com/
2. He can also become an advocate by creating his personal account by clicking the below link. He can track his rewards through this account.
3. User updates his PayPal account details.
4. Once the advocate created his account, he shares his referral link to his network and friends through email or social media plug-ins.
5. If any of the advocate's friends contributes to a project in Gazillionfund, then the advocate is eligible for rewards.
6. At the end of the billing cycle, advocate will get his rewards which he can redeem into his PayPal account.
Get 25% of 5% of funds raised by referred contributors (so if the friends you referred contribute $100,000, you will receive $1,250 as reward)

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