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I am casting for a tween drama series set in Canberra, ACT and shooting May 2016 so the story is as follows:

Kayla Magpie is a skateboarding tomboy but she realises that she has only 1 friend and wilL escape high school with only him and excellent academical grades but she is going to be helped by Brittany, the most popular girl at Waterfall Academy.
Brittany admits to never giving up on her and with all this new found pressure, the Canberra teen’s life is about to enter Horse riding, her 1st kiss and a bitter rivalry between Brittany’s enemy who thinks Kayla’s brain is wasted at her school and better off at a private school.
I am looking to cast for the following characters:

The only 7th grader to have a main part, she has been at Waterfall Academy only 2 weeks before she auditions for the cheerleading squad, she is 11 but no description known.
He is 12 and well liked in the school, he likes trying everything and is always very helpful, he befriends new girl Roxie, he has short brown hair in a very flat style.
She is 12 and this is her 1st year at Waterfall Academy, her father moved the family from Queensland 3 months ago, she has long orange hair and has a secret even though she admits to Dylan that she is normal.
Introduced in episode 11, Vanessa tries out for the cheerleading squad but her real success is when she talks Kayla into tutoring her, she is 12 but no description given.
She is a very tough 13 year old who doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants and that includes a sport in Brittany’s new after school club. She has long auburn hair which is often tied in a pony tail.
Megan is 13 and very bossy and likes to be shown something quite a few times hence annoying Brittany in the Gymnastics class, she has mid length dark blonde hair.
She is 13 and the most talented member of the Gymnastics squad and Brittany's Star Girl, she feels pressure when Brittany suggests that Kayla joins. She has long dark brown hair and also enjoys History.
Alicia tries out for the cheerleading squad and is ½ Asian and ½ Australian and 14 years old with mid length black hair.
Austin is 14 and in grade 10, he has black hair slightly past his ears and takes Gymnastics but refuses to wear a leotard in case he’s made fun of for being like a girl.
She is 14 and vice captain of the Netball squad, she has Chinese parents and has long black hair and lives with her grandmother because for some reason her parents got deported.
Is an only child and has a father who is soccer obsessed so she knows the game inside out and often is seen as a tomboy herself but not in the extremes that Kayla was.
She is 14 with mid length light brown hair held at the back with a bow.
She is the 1st success to audition for the cheerleading squad and always 1 to put 100% effort into all that she does.
She has mid blonde hair worn in bunches and she is 14 years old.
He has short brown hair and is Kayla’s best friend, he hated the way she didn’t fit in and he has a crush on Brittany, who he is very grateful to, he’s good at Physics but Kayla’s still better at it, he recently joined the soccer team. He is 15 with short brown hair.
She is 15 and the richest girl in the school, her father owns a hair dressing franchise and she is the most popular girl, she is best friends with Victoria and they go horse riding together, she is also head prefect and captain of the Gymnastics and Netball squad, she has long blonde spiral curls and has a reputation of always trying to improve people and this starts with fellow classmate Kayla.
She is 15 and starts up as a tomboy who skateboards, she had short brown hair until the end of episode 2 when Brittany gave her a makeover and really long hair, her hair’s now in French braids and she’s become popular but finds the pressure quite hard, she dates Brittany's cousin Justin at a party and they kiss 2 hours after knowing each other but when Christopher finds out he asks her out, she also joins the Gymnastics and Netball squad and also becomes the 3rd member of Teen Horse Companions.
Introduced in episode 7, where he becomes quite a History swot when they learn about The Stuarts from England.
He has spiky dark brown hair, 15 years old and has a smart persona about him.
She is 1 of the girls who tries out for the cheerleading squad and has longish dark brown hair, often in ripples and she is also 15.
She is 15 and dating Joshua, she is also Brittany's best friend and they go show jumping together, Victoria doesn’t feel she has any authority in their friendship and feels Kayla will be a bad influence, she has long brown plaited hair overloaded with loads of hair slides.
He is 15 and vice captain of the Cricket team, he has spiky black hair and likes intensive knowledge and is often found reading encyclopaedias.
He is the cutest boy in the 6th form and takes a liking to the all new Kayla, he is 16 with light blonde hair and captain of the Soccer team and is liked by everyone.
He is 16 and dating Victoria even though he’d rather date Brittany, he is captain of the cricket team with dark blonde hair to his ears, he doesn’t feel school is that important as 1 day he considers he’ll be captaining the Australian cricket team.
Tammi use to be a junior cheerleader but gave it up to stop her school grades slipping, now she wants a comeback and Brittany may be blown of her seat when she sees Tammi’s moves, she is 16 with long light blonde hair.

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